We provide meeting technology that achieves optimal engagement from every participant


Everyone in the room can get and stay engaged and be truly present in our meetings


We deliver technology complete, fully functional, on schedule and budget with minimal risk and disruption

"Meeting technology is changing and evolving. What worked last week may not be the solution for next year. START Innovative Technologies provides clients with the right equipment to stay on top of their industry."

Traditional Meeting Stats

quick facts and figures about conventional meetings

The current state of meetings

Time Lost to Unproductive Meetings

62% of workers collaborate outside of their time zones
62 %
56% of leaders expect virtual teams to grow
56 %
12% of meeting rooms have video conferencing
12 %
50% of conference rooms will have video conferencing by 2020
50 %
20% (62 hours/month) of employee time is spent in meetings
20 %
50% of meetings are felt to be wasted time
50 %
62, 31

Hours Lost/Month to Unproductive Meetings

Start is focused on combining best-in-class technology with a turnkey approach that allows you to have efficient and effective meetings

SMARt Touch Screen Display with Powered Boardroom Table and Laptop


With the ever occurring globalization of the business world, it's important to stay on top of the newest ways to compete and stay ahead of the curve. Traditional Audio/Visual solutions are becoming a thing of the past, as more companies are looking for better, faster, and more economical answers. With START, forget the office construction, multiple contractors, and IT companies talking over your head and looking for a paycheque. START's products will have you connected with who you need to be, and be ready for your team to start collaborating more effectively.
Dual Display Peloton Meeting Technology Unit With Polycom Video Conferencing and Crestron Controllers


Have you ever wanted full control over a room, but were too timid to take charge? Enter: START Innovative Technologies. START's products make collaboration happen, and its turnkey approach is as easy as plug and play. Using open-sourced, non-proprietary technology, we are able to develop evolvable office solutions that work seamlessly for you. You will never feel like you're lagging behind in a meeting again.
Breakaway with Polycom Video Conferencing and Crestron Controller


Never miss out on sharing an idea because traditional boardrooms aren't user-friendly. START Innovative Technologies is changing the A/V industry by thinking about the end-user from the beginning of production until installation. START strives to make collaboration simple. Whether it's a boardroom, touchdown space, or open office plan, START uses state-of-the-art technology to accomplish exactly what you want it to. Our products are made by us to work for you.